Basil Cigar

24 07 2012

How to make a chiffonade of basil?  Well, of course, you need to first make a basil cigar.  Just for rolling.  No smoking, please.  This is a health show, after all…


How To: Mango Cups

5 07 2012

Fear not, the mango.  Don’t let this juicy fruit scare you.  If might have a big ‘ole hard pit in the center and a slippery skin that’s hard to peel — all the more reason to enjoy its insanely sweet fruit.

Learn how to get the fruit out and save the cup for serving:

How To: Vanilla Bean Split

21 06 2012

How do you get the most flavor out of your vanilla bean?  Do the Vanilla Bean Split.  Get all of the seeds out of the pod using this quick, clean technique.

Dancing is optional, but highly encouraged.

See it on YouTube here.

How to: Pick a Pepper

8 06 2012

How do you know if that jalapeno is really hot? Watch this quick flick to learn a simple trick for picking a perky pepper.